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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Overcoming Children Who Love Bite Other People's

Jakarta, as an outlet for anger Biting is normal for children aged 3 years and under. Nevertheless, do not let your child endangering others with the bite.

Bites a small child would not be too dangerous when the new teeth begin to grow, which is about the age of 9 months. But if it was never reprimanded and then the custom, in the later age child can hurt her friends because her milk teeth will continue to grow.

As quoted from Parenting, how to reprimand a child who likes to vent their anger by biting is as follows.
By providing a direct look in the eye of the child, gently say that man can not bite other people or be bitten just food. Children aged 9 months typically have understood then releasing the bite, but if you follow the next step stubborn.

    Pull the bitten arm or whatever, and watch for a while until his anger subsided. The little boy did not take too long to forget about lust bite, usually calmed down within 30 seconds.
    After the little calmer, tell him to apologize to the 'victim'. If you do not want to talk, there's no harm in giving a mild pinch in order to introduce a sense of empathy towards friends who bite.
    If your child is still often repeated actions, do the other way. Give praise when it can be nice to her, so she feels more appreciated when it is not being aggressive.
    If the bad habit continued until 3 years old, consult your pediatrician.

Meanwhile, if your child is a victim bites peers, perform the following steps.

    Immediately wash the bite with meth and running water, even if the skin does not get torn.
    Slightest wound can be dangerous for young children, because it gave antiseptic if there is bleeding in the skin surface.
    If there is a deep puncture wound, was immediately taken to the doctor to get antibiotics to prevent infection.
    Watch for signs of infection until the next few days, such as fever or swelling redness at the bite site.